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Tax regulations are complicated and constantly changing. Business transactions, personal expenses, and investments all create tax consequences. At Small Business Accounting & Tax Inc., our tax services stay up-to-date with changing regulations. We pride ourselves in helping clients in Omaha and nationwide develop optimal tax planning advice. We can help you create the proper plans to eliminate tax surprises. Our services in Omaha include but are not limited to:

Tax Planning

At Small Business Accounting & Tax Inc., our mission is to provide insight into our client's tax planning needs as they prepare for today and plan for tomorrow. We try to understand your goals and take steps to mitigate tax consequences and avoid tax surprises. We can help you prepare for a secure financial future with succession planning, estate planning, and retirement planning services.

Individuals Tax Preparation

There's no substitute for working with our team when it comes to tax preparation. You're at risk of overpaying when you do your taxes yourself. Turn to us to get your tax preparation.

Business Tax Preparation

Here at Small Business Accounting & Tax Inc., we understand how tax laws apply to businesses. We can help you determine the tax your business qualifies to pay and the deductions you can get.

Local, State, and Federal Tax Compliance

We help clients in Omaha with applicable local, state, and federal tax regulations and authorities. We assist clients with tax issues: sales and use tax, property tax, and individual state income tax.

Payroll Tax

Processing and executing tax payroll for a business is complicated. We can help clients meet the requirements needed to file payroll taxes.

Why Choose Us For Tax Planning Omaha?

Taxes are confusing. That's why you need to work with Small Business Accounting & Tax Inc. to help protect your wealth, pay your taxes and limit your burden. We can help you establish a tax plan to guide your current and future financial decisions. Still not decided, here are more reasons to choose us for tax planning Omaha.

  • Experience you can trust - You will be working directly with an experienced tax director who has an in-depth understanding of the tax. Our tax professionals have experience helping clients in all 50 states.
  • Exceptional Personal Service - Our primary goal is to make the tax preparation process simple for you. Each client works directly with us when making financial decisions. We try to identify what is crucial for clients, define their objectives, and provide a high level of service.
  • Competitive Pricing - We let our clients work with us on a fee basis. This will enable us to provide financial advice that aligns with our client's goal. Our tax planning services are billed on a flat fee basis.

Contact Us

At Small Business Accounting & Tax Inc., we are prepared to assist you with any tax planning issues that you may have. We are dedicated to serving clients in Omaha and nationwide. Contact us today at 402-496-7000 to discuss your tax planning needs.

tax planning Omaha
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tax planning Omaha
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