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Rob Richardson at Small Business Accounting is a reputed small business accountant in Omaha with 30 years of experience and hundreds of positive reviews from his past clients. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best small business accountant:

#1: Know your needs

Before looking for accountants, assess the kind of work and responsibilities you want them to handle for your business. As a small business owner, you should collaborate with a reliable accountant. A bookkeeper or non-certified professional may suffice if all you need is assistance with monthly financial statements and bookkeeping tasks. Alternatively, if you require tax planning advice or tax returns prepared, you need to hire a certified public accountant.

#2: Look for specialized small business accountants

You want to work with a CPA who predominantly handles accounting for small businesses. It is a bonus if the accountant has experience working with business owners in your industry. Hiring a CPA who has plenty of experience collaborating with clients from your industry can help you understand the related challenges and guide you in making the right financial decisions for your business.

#3: Decide whether you need a firm or an accountant

Several small business owners manage taxes on their own. With several best accounting software products in the market, entrepreneurs find it incredibly easy to handle simple bookkeeping tasks. However, you need to hire a professional or an accounting firm eventually to do your payroll, tax filing, etc. Choose to hire a CPA or an accounting firm depending on the magnitude of your business. The sooner you outsource business accounting, the more time you will have at hand to focus on tapping new opportunities.

#4: Ask for recommendations

Ask other business owners in your industry for recommendations. Peer recommendation can help you gather first-hand information about a CPA's expertise, pricing, and efficiency. You may check the online reviews for a CPA from their current and past clients to learn about their skill level. With hundreds of positive reviews, we are one of the best accounting solutions in Omaha.

#5: Compare fees

Not every accountant charges a fee in the same manner. Some CPAs charge a monthly fee for bookkeeping services, and you may have to pay them separately for business and personal taxes. Alternatively, a few others charge a monthly fee for both bookkeeping and doing your taxes. Make sure to inquire about an accounting firm about their billing model to help you compare prices and choose the CPA who offers the best value. Once you have a list of CPA firms, make sure to negotiate with them your preferred mode and frequency of payment based on your cash flow.

Get in touch with us at 402-496-7000 to schedule a consultation with the #1 small business accountant in Omaha, Small Business Accounting. We can save your time, reduce costs, and relieve you from handling complex accounting tasks. Rob Richardson can help slash your tax bill and free up money that you can reinvest in your business for its growth, expansion, and development.

small business accountant Omaha
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