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Payroll West LA

Payroll West LA How a CPA Can Help with Your Company’s Payroll in West LA


Accounting plays a vital role in running your business. Whether you need assistance with accounts receivable or payroll services in L.A., hiring a reliable CPA to help with the job is essential. A CPA can assist with several different accounting tasks for your company. They can provide necessary tax advice, useful auditing services, as well as management and consulting. However, one key area that a CPA can help businesses of any size with is payroll services.  

Why You Should Contact a CPA in L.A. for Help with Your Company Payroll

There is a lot more involved in payroll than merely providing a paycheck to your employees. A reliable CPA who offers the most superior West Los Angeles payroll services can help ensure all members of your team are paid on time. They will also keep up with all insurance and retirement withholdings and make sure they are correctly deducted, as well as all payroll taxes. When you hire the most exceptional CPA for payroll services in Los Angeles, they will also keep track of any reimbursements; you should be aware of and keep an eye on profit-sharing disbursements as well.

Additional Assistance You Receive When Hiring a CPA for Payroll in West L.A.

Even if you are only interested in payroll services at this time, it is always a good idea to learn more about CPA services and how you can benefit from them. Here are a few more ways hiring a CPA can be very resourceful for your business.


Are invoices starting to pile up, or you have accounts receivable that should be collected? A CPA is an excellent choice for bookkeeping services. They will make sure your vendors are always paid on time and that the money your clients owe you will make it into your bank account.

Long-Term Planning

Where do you see your company in five to ten years? Do you have plans for growth? Will you be able to meet your goals financially? A CPA can take a look at your long-term financial goals and help you find a way to reach them with the money you have now and what you will receive in the future. If you don’t have the cash to meet your future needs, they can help you find a way to do so.

Tax Filing

Tax season is always a hectic time for business owners. If you could use some additional help during this time, you should consider hiring a CPA for assistance. They can help prepare your tax return and get a filing extension for you if needed. They can also make sure your taxes are filed correctly and on time so that you are less likely to worry about audits.

Hiring the Best Accountant in Los Angeles for Payroll Assistance

When you need to hire the right CPA to handle your company’s payroll needs, get in touch with Michael J. Borenstein, CPA. His areas of expertise include basic tax management and accounting services, as well as financial planning and auditing.

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