Ontario private farm mortgages

Discover the Benefits of Investing in Ontario Private Farm Mortgages:

You've heard the old adage, ‘Don't put all your eggs in one basket', but have you ever stopped to consider the weight of that wisdom? We hear more and more investment managers advising their clients to diversify- and there's a pretty important reason for that advice. Of course, the major advantage of diversifying your investments across the board is minimizing the risk of loss. If one particular investment performs poorly, other investments may be in a position to reduce the potential loss of your total portfolio.

Today, many investors are looking to us to satisfy their diversification needs. At Farm Lender, we believe we offer one of the best investment opportunities available to Canadian citizens. Investing in Ontario private farm mortgages can provide fair returns on your investment. Consider just a few of the benefits of partnering with Farm Lender to provide funding for local farmers looking to buy land:

Real estate is exactly what it claims to be- a ‘real' asset, able to be seen, touched, valued. While most investors are either under-invested in farm land or not invested at all, it's easy to become involved in lending money via private mortgages. At Farm Lender, we offer first and second mortgage investment opportunities that deliver returns that are considered fairly high for short-term investments. You can expect an 8-10% return on a first mortgage and often as high as 15% on a second mortgage.

As more and more Canadian farmers are turning to organic farming for growth and profits, investors who bolster their efforts through loans are seeing the advantages of natural appreciation that comes from the proper management of an organic farm. Investing in a natural asset that increases in value over the duration of the loan means security for your money.

If you'd like to learn more about investing in Ontario private farm mortgages, just give us a call at Farm Lender. As your single point of contact in investing, our agents will underwrite your loan, monitor the borrower and the property throughout the lifespan of the loan, and remain available to you from start to finish. We'll make recommendations based on our knowledge and expertise, however, you'll have full control over who you choose to lend to, and which terms and conditions will apply. We've found that when our investment partners are in the driver's seat, they feel more confident about the investment.

Feel free to visit our ‘Investors' section online to learn how we further minimize risk to your investment. Read our section entitled, ‘What is a Private Agricultural Mortgage?' to better understand our role in partnering with you to assist you in making good investment decisions based on sound strategies. If you determine that our opportunity to invest in Ontario private farm mortgages is right for you, we can help you diversify your portfolio by seeding it with private mortgage loans that will serve to meet your financial goals.

Ontario private farm mortgages
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