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If you're self employed and filing your own taxes, you're probably missing out on many deductions and tax exemptions that can put more money in your pocket at tax time. Hiring an Omaha self employed financial planner from Small Business Accounting & Tax can make a big difference- and will ensure accurate tax filing year after year. Don't lose out on self employment benefits, pay too much in tax, or risk an audit; give our team a call today to find out how affordable it is to hire an expert.

Do I Have to File Taxes if I'm Self Employed?

In most cases, a self employed worker must file an annual federal income tax return, and in many cases, a state return, as well. If it's been a few years since you've filed, a tax expert in your area can get your records up to date and alleviate fear that you'll suddenly find yourself in the middle of a tax mess. Small Business Accounting & Tax can keep your records up-to-date with the IRS and provide exceptional peace of mind, as well.

Should I Prepare and File My Own Tax Return?

While software exists that can help make it easier to file, a self employed individual will do well to hire a tax specialist who can look for niche industry deductions you can easily overlook. Hire someone knowledgeable in the current tax code- Small Business Accounting & Tax has your best interest as our focus while we assess your yearly income and prepare your return for filing. As an expert Omaha self employed financial planner, we bring more experience to the table compared with others in the community. Feel free to schedule a consultation with us if you have questions about our credentials or wish to hire us to prepare and file your return.

An Affordable Omaha Self Employed Financial Planner

You'll find that our services at SBAT cost about the same as using an internet software program, and they come with many unique advantages. If you run into any issues along the course of filing your return, you'll find it extremely difficult to get in touch with a real person when using one of those so-called affordable software-assisted services. When you work with our team, you'll have access to our staff if you have questions that come up, need to file an amendment, or receive a notification from the IRS that you need help with. We're here for you from start to finish.

Save Time, as Well

Software tax programs are supposed to save taxpayers money, but the fact is that after you add up the time involved in doing your own taxes online, you'll find they're not as time-saving or affordable as you first thought. Hire our pros from Small Business Accounting & Tax for true freedom from managing your own annual tax prep and filing. We're certain you'll find our services worth every penny.

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Omaha Self Employed Financial Planner
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