Digital Divorce Attorney

Digital Divorce Attorney

When marriage does not work, then the next viable option is divorce. Today, you can choose an online divorce if your divorce is uncontested. Getting divorced online will save you money and time. It will also protect you and your children from the prolonged court battle that ends up being bitter and accusatory.

At Scott J. Brook, PA, we offer legal counsel concerning all aspects of family law and divorce. A digital divorce attorney can advise you on what to do if you want to file your no-contest divorce online. We guide spouses on what steps to take after separation and provide both mediation and court representation in divorce and custody cases.

Points to Remember When Filing for Divorce Online

There are states where you can file for divorce online. Such states have specific requirements, so confirm with your state's court site if it allows e-filling for divorce. If you have decided to file for divorce online, you should keep in mind the following:

  • No Contest

To file your divorce online, you must make sure that there is no issue between you and your spouse, and you're both in total agreement. To guarantee that, you have to sit and agree on how to handle child custody, child support, how to share your property, and the division of debt.

If any of you is unsatisfied with the division of property or other things, you should make sure that you speak to an expert before moving forward. Bear in mind that, even when divorce is done online, the matters agreed upon are legally binding.

  • Research

Take time to research local family laws and ensure you understand them. Find out the statutes related to custody and child support so that you do not end up in court fighting because you made an uninformed decision. You can consult a lawyer online for advice on issues that you do not understand as they have a better understanding of family law.

  • Divorce Mediators and Counselors

You and your spouse might agree on all issues except one, but that should not take you to court. To file online, you can see a mediator help you reach an agreement so that you are both happy with the terms of your divorce. In case the issue is emotional, see a counselor who will help you work out your emotional issues so you can have an amicable divorce.

  • When There is Anger or Bitterness

Divorce is an emotional process fraught with anger and feelings of betrayal for one or both parties. If you are feeling hurt and angry either because your spouse cheated on you or bitter because the divorce was unexpected, it's best not to file your divorce online.

Having communication through lawyers can ensure that you do not end up in ugly confrontations. These can have far-reaching, adverse effects on your children's mental well-being.

Always on Your Side

Filing for divorce online saves you money and takes less time; however, getting a digital divorce attorney will ensure that the process is smooth. We, at Scott J. Brook, PA, can help you prepare for the paperwork required to get an uncontested online divorce. To get the help you need, contact us today on (954)757-5551.

Digital Divorce Attorney
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Digital Divorce Attorney
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