credit card processing Texas

credit card processing Texas
Credit card processing in Texas. just got a whole lot easier, with ZeerPay's best options for merchants and businesses. You're going to love what's available- and your customers will love it as well!
From now on, the credit card processing options for your Texas business are wide open. ZeerPay offers a wide range of solutions for accepting cards- even EMV chip cards!
Take a look at new Clover POS equipment. Customers might call it simple, but they will never refer to it as plain. Some of the top industrial designers came together to create the Clover POS, a custom-built system for point of sale. Everything from the fluid motion of the card swipe to the exclusive finishes included make the Clover Station a hit with businesses everywhere. With the Clover POS, you'll get touch display, a high-speed printer that is also a power and connectivity hub, and a cash drawer.
The Clover Mini from Zeerpay also makes credit card processing for Texas businesses effortless. The Clover Mini is able to accept multiple credit and debit card payment types, including: swipe, EMV chip, contact-less and PIN debit. You can manage your tips and pre-authorize tabs and cards, with an on-screen signature capture, built-in printer, front-facing camera and barcode and QR code reading.
If you're looking for a device to take payments tableside, you might consider the Clover Mobile. With this model, you'll get much more than just a card reader- you'll also get all the business-building features that customers have come to love Clover for: the ability to add additional apps to customize your Clover system, and data storage in the cloud.
With the Clover Mobile, running a business on-the-go is never an issue when it comes to taking payments. This high-powered credit card processing machine will manage your Texas payments and help you grow your business- all from the palm of your hand!
Your business can accept safer payments on the go, with CloverGo. This handy device works with your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to take effortless payments- even with EMV cards. No other credit card processing device in Texas offers the ease of use and portability that the CloverGo offers!
ZeerPay has a wide range of merchant payment options for your business and is dedicated to helping your business grow, by allowing you to to expand your horizons in terms of taking payments.
You're going to love seeing customers smile when they ask if you're able to process their card and you assure them that you can! And they'll appreciate the technology that is available to them, allowing them to pay, whether in-house, or on the go.
Visit ZeerPay online at, to explore all of the options available for credit card processing for your Texas business. If you'd like to speak with a specialist, please call 210-202-1505.
credit card processing Texas

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