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There are several compelling reasons why SBAT is the smart choice for accounting services in Omaha and beyond. When you work with SBAT, you will get accounting and bookkeeping services customized to your business needs. Irrespective of the accounting and tax services for Omaha businesses you choose, SBAT will get accurate, fast, and personal attention from our staff. Here are some more reasons why we are one of the top accounting firms in Omaha.

Solid Reputation

At SBAT, we are the best at what we do; our team has all the skills and expertise to get the job done and work hard for all our clients until they are completely satisfied. SBAT resources include highly experienced and certified accounting and tax professionals with several years of experience. Plus, our senior-level staff plays a significant role in the development of business solutions that benefit all of our clients.

Extensive Tax and Accounting Experience

Our diverse and accomplished team of accountants and CPAs extends a wide variety of tax and accounting skills and is always striving to learn more. Jointly, our staff presents an across-the-board portfolio of tax and accounting solutions and strategies to satisfy and improve Omaha small and mid-sized businesses.

Technology and Innovation

In today's digital age, where everything is constantly changing, and new technologies are continually emerging, we are committed to staying on top of new development to expand our range of accounting services and skills as the need arises. Your business can benefit from our commitment to technology and innovation by leveraging our skills and knowledge to make improvements.


When you work with SBAT, you benefit from dealing with a small group of tax and accounting professionals that are fully supported by our professional and experienced administration team. We structure our tax accounting firm in such a way that our clients know there is always an accountant Omaha they can speak with for help. The firm also offers flexible meeting options and is happy to provide consultations online, in our office, or at your premises.

Affordable Accounting Services for Small Businesses

SBAT is the last accounting firm that will want to issue hefty bills for our accounting services when this could make too much of a dent in your business finances. We believe in offering value and offer a transparent flat fee structure that allows you to gain access to our Omaha accountants at a rate that fits your budget and allow the firm to invest the right amount of time required to ensure you get the best financial service.

Backend Solutions

SBAT turnkey accounting solutions are the ideal answers for small business that is trying to grow. Whether you are looking for a better accounting process and financial reporting, comprehensive understanding of your small business performance, SBAT is up to the task. In addition to evaluating your financials and making recommendations, our certified accountants have what it takes to implement solutions that will improve your business operations and profits.

Get Started Today!

To learn more about SBAT and why we are the right accounting firm for your business, contact us today to set up an appointment. Our experienced accountant Omaha will go over your needs and start you on your way to achieving them.

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